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My name is Andre.

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Munich, Germany and how all begun...

2012 i was manager and co-founder of a company specilized in Real Estates based in Germany Munich (Global Property Invest GmbH). We were looking for new markets ouside Germany and Europe. This was how i came to Ecuador investigating and making research and analysys. Indeed it was extremly dificult to find a trustable company abroad with known, european standards.

After more then 3 months traveling and working in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Panama i came back home to Germany with an idea to launch a start up "Services" for the people who needs some support away from home.

Hamburg, Germany - project start

So in June of 2014 was AWWEA project born in the middle of the city of Hamburg, Rödingsmarkt. Later we have moved to Colombia to make sure we are all near that stuff we ofer.

Medellin Office
Medellin Office

Medellin, Colombia - working

2015 a proper company launch.